Sunday, June 1, 2008

What I've been up to

A little over a year ago, Nicole and I got to talking about creating a bag line. Because of the recent bans on plastic bags, she had the ingenious idea to start a high-end re-usable tote line. After a lot of work all the pieces have been put into place and now our e-commerce site is running smoothly. You can find us at

More Good Times

Visiting the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

It seemed a very friendly goose was interested in my dad.

It snows in Southern California!

A regular night out, like any other.

More Great Shows



Wednesday 13

The 69 Eyes
These are some of my absolute favorite bands.

Santa Rosa Mountains Camping

Camping with the Crabtrees. This is the mountain that Bryan used to camp at when he was young. It was really fun to see him re-explore and remember "how much bigger everything was then." It was also very cold.

Family Photoshoot - Aruba 2007

I was a big pain when it came time to take family photos with a semi-pro photographer, but I am really happy we did these are some of the best pictures we brought home from the trip.

Thanks Nicole!

My parents.

My sister, Nicole and me.

The best part of this trip was meeting my nephew Colten.

Aruba 2007

Aruba speaks for itself.

Just for Fun

This picture feels like ages ago. It was taken right before we moved in together.

Kirkwood resort, the best snow I've ever experienced.

The boys in my life.

What keeps us in LA


Australian Pink Floyd

Dragonforce - the fastest speed metal band in the world.

Music keeps us sane while living here in LA. Going to shows has become our favorite treat and it seems like there is always a great band playing.

Meet Wandi Turtle

This is our desert tortoise Wandi. Wandi is much faster and noisier and hungrier then you would think. And she is always getting herself into trouble.

Our Furry Family

My kids....Lelu and Kai.

First Trip to China

My job occasionally will have me trek to China & Hong Kong to meet with factories and develop new items. These are some pictures from my first and only trip with Goorin.

My First Camping Trip

I didn't know what I was getting into when Bryan first started talking about driving nine miles down a dirt road to camp for the weekend. Once we settled in and the rain stopped I realized how wonderful it is to get away from everything.

San Francisco

After living in San Francisco for almost five years, we decided to move to Los Angeles. We still love and miss the city.

Yukiko, Kyle and me at one of our favorite bars in SF.

Road Trip 2004

In the summer of 2004 Bryan and I spent a few weeks in his truck traveling across states. We came home with a ton of memories and the realization that if we could last eight hours a day in a car for three weeks and still want to be together, it must be love.

This was her pet raccoon. She didn't see it coming.

Goaties in New Mexico.

Sunset in New Mexico.