Monday, December 27, 2010

the day after the ranch

After a weekend at B's family's house, Toki is the MOST relaxed dog.

More Christmas fun

Finished Christmas tree
Toki taking stock of the ornaments and "helping"
B hanging some wax ornaments we inherited from his grandmother. We didn't want to risk melting them on the tree, so they found a home above the TV.
I couldn't get anyone to take pictures in festive hats. But I did get to snap this shot of the Tokimon before she shook it off.

Toki Slug

Yep, she's spoiled...she has two blankets and her man...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010 - House Decorating

Final product and family.
I helped too, holding B in place so he didn't fall into a bush.

Our new place is a house so we can finally hang lights! Toki helped a lot that day.

Halloween 2010

The final product.

Happy carvers!

Sketches of the carvings.
Toki loves pumpkins.

Road Trip - August 2010 - DAY 4

The long road home.
Back into California
Hottest day of the trip.

Road Trip - August 2010 - DAY 3

Me, Bryan and Toki all crammed back here a few nights of the trip.
Camping in Arizona, trying to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

New Mexico Trip - August 2010

Petroglyphs outside of Santa Fe

Wende & Phillip's property marker in NM

Road Trip - August 2010 - DAY 2

Turner Motel
Right outside of Mountain Air, NM

Painted desert
Mater's cousin....and they live outside the Teepee's too

Lots of dinos on Route 66

Started in JackRabbit.

Road Trip - August 2010 - DAY 1

Meteor Crater

B LOVES dinosaurs!

Pulled into Oatman at noon to find the street blocked off for the gun fight...and more wild burros!

Wild Burros!
Funny Old guy riding down Route 66 on his scooter.

Route 66 sign on the CA border.

Day 1 Started in Barstow.